Ph.Eur. Reagent 0.033M Potassium bromate, 1l - Chromservis.cz

Ph.Eur. Reagent 0.033M Potassium bromate, 1l

Reagent and Standard solutions by Reagecon are manufactured and tested in compliance with the European Pharmacopeia and are supplied with Certificate of Analysis. Lot. No. and Expiry Date are stated on all product labels.

Catalogue No.:RG*3004200
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Microlab 300 Pipettor

ML 300 PipettorThe Microlab 300 Pipettor (Hamilton) is a guided pipetting system that minimizes pipetting errors and ensures consistency across all technicians and sample types. Take control of your pipetting with:

Guided Protocols — Automatic volume adjustment and onscreen instructions guide the user.

Improved Accuracy — The instrument is preprogrammed to compensate for unique atmospheric and liquid properties.

User-Friendly Software — Expedite your workflow with intuitive software and a probe that covers from 0.5 to 1000 µL.

Reduced Fatigue — Minimize strain with the lightest pipette probe in the industry.

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